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All this week we will be highlighting #27BiStories from bisexual Advocate journalist Eliel Cruz with graphics by Trivo Studio 

Part 2 — #27BiStories: When Did You Come Out? What Was The Response Like?

Hoping to shine a light on the myths about the bisexual community — both in and out of lesbian, gay, transgender, and queer spaces — The Advocate has launched a four-part series written from interviews with 27 self-identified bisexuals, all of whom happen to be in relationships. Earlier this week, we asked our sources to confont the biggest misconceptions they face as bisexual people, and today, we’re turning our attention to the “coming out” stories that so often unite members of the LGBT community. 

Do those stories provide the same kind of “we’ve all been there” unity that many in the lesbian, gay, and transgender communities experience when sharing their own coming-outs? Or do bisexual people face ridicule and disbelief from the very people who claim to want to liberate others from the closet? Read on to find out. 

This is #27BiStories. 

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.

At least I knew to expect homophobia when I was in same-sex relationships, I was not prepared at all for the biphobia I’d experience later. Personally, I’ve found the dismissal, accusations, and vitriol I get from the queer side regarding my sexuality to be far, far more hurtful than the harassment and garbage thrown at me I’d get from straight men on the street when I’d walk hand-in-hand with my girlfriend.

You expect it from bigoted strangers, you don’t see it coming from your supposed “community”

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"Buffy, you’re not in an institution. You have never been in an institution." "Yes, I have."

#this is probably the most unsettling episode of any show ever  #because youve been made to completely believe in this world  #you trust these characters  #you love the story lines and hate some others  #and awful things happen and so do good  #this character has been torn down and built back up  #unless  #this is the truth  #nothing was real and its all in her head  #because then everything is for nothing  #youve watched and obsessed over SEASONS of this show  #and all of it could be fake  #its the most ingenius little episode because now there will forever be this voice in your head that wonders if that show you consider your favorite even had anything real and true  #its never even confirmed whats the truth  #this episode  #or the rest of the show  #in the end youre forced to make the same decision as Buffy  #shes sane and the show really happened in that universe  #because otherwise some part of you feels wronged and betrayed (via doyoureallybelievethatpercy​)


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